Sunday, August 24, 2014

Waves of Generosity - ALS

There is a mass movement happening.  Have you been swept up in its powerful current?  Have you dumped a bucket of ice water over your head?  Donated to the cause?  It's changing the face of the fellow orphan disease called ALS.  It's giving hope to those who suffer, a voice to all those who have been silenced because of the horrific disease, and celebrating the memory of those who have been lost.

Look how one small action has created a mass movement of good.  Look at what people are capable of doing, the fires of change they can ignite.  The generosity and kindness of people are truly amazing.  That single spark can create a better life for all those who suffer, maybe even a cure.

Sea of Support
Living a life bound by the high and low tides of an orphan disease [CF], I understand how incredible and humbling it can be to have family, friends, and complete strangers fight for your cause.  I think it is so incredible what the power of human compassion, empathy, and caring can do: what it can accomplish and the lasting impact it can have on an individual.  Speaking from experience, it is honestly life changing.  The buckets of ice may start to slow, but the lasting effects of people's giving spirit and generous support will last forever.  It's not the dollar amount I remember when I look out at the sea of support I have behind me, it's every single face, personal note, and act of kindness.  As for now, ride this wave, and keep the ice coming!  

Just like CF, ALS steals many mothers, sisters, uncles, dads, and best friends far too soon.   It steals dreams.  It steals hope.  It steals a future.  This is why it means so much to me to show my support to other causes besides the one that directly impacts my life.  The war can only be won if we fight together, no matter the disease.  In the end, regardless of the cause you choose to support, do it with your whole heart. Whether it is CF, ALS, Breast Cancer, or Heart disease, we are all in this fight together: a fight for tomorrow. Your support and voice gives each person impacted a hope for tomorrow and the strength to fight each battle, no matter the disease.  Generosity and kindness are powerful forces: share it unconditionally.  Love to you all. 

I challenge each of you to donate $25 to the cause of your choice.  Remember, we are all in this together. 

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