Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 12 - Fighting for Tomorrow

This post is dedicated to all the incredible lives that have been lost to CF and for each beautiful one still fighting.

Time itself may be infinite, but the number of days that make up our lives are not. Regardless of how much time we are each gifted, I think there is an ever present desperation in each of us to want just one more day: to hold the people we love, to say the things we truly feel, and to live with deep purpose. 

Time and Tomorrow
Cystic Fibrosis is a horrific disease that shows no mercy. Its devastation can be felt not only by the person in which it resides, but by everyone in its forceful and destructive wake. It still amazes me how something so invisible to the naked eye can be so vicious and cruel. Its impact on us all is not the disease itself, but the people in which it affects. They are people with stories, dreams, and a deep hunger to experience all that life has to offer.  They are unique and irreplaceable. They are a best friend, a sister, a brother, an aunt, a husband, father, and a daughter. 

I don't think there is a day that passes that I don't desperately want to hold time in my hands. I find myself trying to grip it tightly between my fingers to keep it from slipping away so quickly: desperate to hold onto all I have and truly be present in each moment. It's fair to say that the brevity of life is always weighing on my consciousness.

That desperation and sense of panic resounded with full force this weekend when learning of a beautiful girl suddenly losing her battle to CF. That desperation and panic was not only for myself, but everyone whose lives have been and are impacted by the disease. I think of the smiles all of the beautiful children, their strong and relentless parents, my fellow adult cfers who fiercely live without limit, the spouses who have faith in a future filled with hope, and the friends who passionately fight for the possibility of another day. This is who I fight for, not for myself, but for each one of them. For the chance at one more tomorrow. 

It's Time to Fight
I ask you to fight with me. To fight for the memory of those who have lost their battle with CF. To fight for the future and dreams of those still fighting. To fight for the hope and possibility that dwell in tomorrow. To fight for all the children, adults, families, and friends impacted by CF. To fight for one more breathe.

I ask you to walk with us. To add another beautiful day to the lives of those with CF. When I was born, the life expectancy of someone with CF didn't reach past 20 years old. Today, a child born with CF is believed to live well into their 40s, 50s, 60s... and beyond. That is simply amazing. In my lifetime alone, I have seen amazing things happen in the fight against CF and the momentum continues at an exciting rate. The most incredible thing? The extended years of my life are because of each of you, your generosity, and your passion to find a cure. Your donations and presence have led to life extending treatments for each one of us, and for that I will never have the adequate words to express my appreciation. I am so truly grateful for each day and every breath I've been given and that is because of each of you. I truly believe that a cure for CF is closer than ever. 

Click on "Great Strides for Team Ashley"  to join our team and/or donate. Let's fight together.
Great Strides Sioux Falls, SD
Saturday, May 30, 2015
Spencer Park @ 10 a.m. 

I fight for the memory of my brother and all the other lives lost to CF.
I fight for the beautiful children who have an incredible future that awaits.
I fight for every person impacted by CF.
I fight, desperate to add more time for us all.  Breathe bravely, my dear friends.  Love to you all. 

Who do you fight for?

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