Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fishing for Hope

Take a look around you. Really, do it.  Look at all the generosity and kindness that is happening before your very eyes.  Think about your day, your week, your year.  Think of all the generosity and kindness you have been shown, and think about all the goodness and generosity you have shown to others.  Are you a living, breathing part of that generosity?

 We often times can be so quick to observe the pessimism and hatred whirling around us, that all the generosity and good becomes hidden.  Or, we become so desensitized to continual acts of goodness and generosity that we neglect just how beautiful and impactful each of those moments continue to be.  We begin to take those moments for granted. But it's always there, it's always around us.  We have those people in our lives that show us unconditional generosity: that continually show us goodness.   They fill each and every breath of life with goodness.

I cannot say it enough: I am so incredibly lucky to have such generous and kind people in my life: dear friends, family, caregivers, and mere strangers.   I have been shown so much kindness and selfless generosity that it still brings me to tears thinking of it.

One of the most difficult things for people to do is to stand by and watch someone they love fight for their life: to watch their body be destroyed, to have years stolen, and dreams ruined.  A person can feel so very helpless.  What is there to do when all you want is to fight the battle for them? To bear some of the load? To save them?

One of the hardest things is to see how CF has impacted my parents: what it has done to them, and how they've learned to cope with the harsh realities they've already witnessed, and the realities of their last living child's future. Their generosity and love to me have always been unconditional, and it's a gift that I will never be able to adequately repay.  They've always made sure I am well taken care of.  I am so truly lucky for that, but I know all they really want to give me is a chance at another breath, the pain free life they had dreamed for me, and ultimately a cure for CF. What can they give me?  A voice.  Hope. The strength and support to fight.  Love.

Giving Hope
Years ago my dad started a fishing tournament to benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. He had already lost one child from the devastating disease, and was determined not to lose another. That was 13 years ago.  In just 13 years, he has raised over $66,000 for the CF foundation, benefitting research for new drug development and a cure.  What an amazing thing it has become.  It started with just 20 some teams the very first year, and this year it has grown to have the potential for 70 teams.   There is nothing I love more than watching the boats go out in the morning: it is such a magnificent sight. What amazes me most about this event?  The people that come out year after year to show their support.  It has become something that so many have come to look forward to and be a part of every year. Thinking about it makes me super emotional.  These people have become an extension of my family, and I am so thankful for each of them.  It's so overwhelming to think about the army I have fighting along side of me.  What's even more overwhelming and humbling is knowing these people aren't there just for me and the fight against CF, but to support my family as well.  The generosity and kindness of people is so incredibly powerful.

So that special weekend is approaching.  Every year I am at a loss for words.  How do I thank everyone?  How can I show them how truly special their presence and support really are?  How do I put into words the impact their generosity and kindness have made on my life?   Most of all, how do I thank my dad for doing such a selfless event?  For the hours of work that go into putting an event like this together?   For showing me what an impact generosity and kindness can have?  But most of all, for tirelessly trying to save my life?  There will never be enough words, just tears of gratitude and love.

I have been shown so much generosity and kindness in my life, and I can only hope to reflect that generosity in the way I live each day: one brave breath at a time.  Love to you all.

Stop and take a moment to realize just how much generosity and kindness is in your life. 

13th Annual Cystic Fibrosis Walleye Classic

Friday, October 3, 2O14
      - 6:3O Benefit Dinner at the Eagles Club in   Bemidji, MN
      - Live Auction

Saturday, October 4, 2O14
      - Fishing Tournament at Break on the Lake Resort, Cass Lake, MN
      - Live music that evening.

For more information please click on the link: CF Walleye Classic or call 8OO-443-51O1.

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  1. Parents suffer right along with you and wish they could carry your burden. You're lucky to realize this.