Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Gift

Even after all this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,
"You owe me."

Look what happens to a love like that.

It lights the whole sky.

Every day our lives are consumed by a whirlwind of demands that surround us. We get to the end of the day and very rarely take a moment to look back at the wonders of our day and give thanks for the gift it was: our lives become lost in the chaos of the world around us.

I am just as guilty for letting the chaos and demands of the world engulf me, rarely taking time to stop at the end of the day to relive all the goodness I encountered.  I get swept up in looking towards tomorrow, forgetting what a true gift today was and all the people who made it so.

I challenge you, as do I myself, to take a moment to look back to yesterday. What acts of kindness and good filled your day?  By who?  It can be the simplest of gestures: a smile from a stranger, an unexpected phone call from a friend, a genuine compliment, a thoughtful gift, or something nice someone did that wasn't necessary.  There are acts of generosity and kindness all around us every day: we just have to slow down and make ourselves aware of their abundance.

Pay it Forward
The more and more aware I become of the abundant kindness that surrounds me, the more overwhelmed I become with guilt.  What am I doing to deserve such kindness, and what am I doing to pay that kindness and generosity forward?  Can I share enough goodness to equal or exceed what I have been shown?  Do people know how thankful and humbled I am for their kindness?  More importantly, how can I share such kindness? How can I pay it forward?

A Gracious Gift
As I was in the midst of writing this blog, another immeasurable act of kindness was shown to me: an act so selfless it takes my breath away and leaves tears streaming down my cheeks.  It is so incredible I must share it with you all.

An amazing musician and composer I so greatly admire and respect wrote to me a few months ago asking if she could compose a piece inspired my writings.  I was completely shocked and so incredibly humbled: even more so, in disbelief.  My writings? Really?  During the past couple of months this incredible woman would write to me saying, "it's not quite perfect, yet," or "it hasn't found its voice."  What humbles me even more is I know the amount of herself she poured into writing this piece and finding "its voice." She had countless other masterpieces to write, but she took that time to do something life changing for me.  Again, it leaves me speechless and in tears.

What did I get to hear and see this week?  A finished orchestral composition entitled "Breath." As I listened for the first time, I was overcome with emotion and moved to tears.  Each note so delicately and perfectly placed creating an incredible masterpiece: I cannot wait until its beauty is shared  with the world.

Who is this amazing, brilliant, strong, talented, generous, and selfless woman? She is a composer, musician, colleague, and most of all, a dear friend: Deanna Wehrspann.  You have given me one of the greatest gifts of my life, and your kindness will forever live in my heart.   Thank you, Deanna.

Today, I challenge each of you, and myself, to go out of your way to show someone kindness.  Now, I challenge you to do something everyday.  Can you imagine the amount of good in the world if we all focused on sharing kindness? You don't have to write a symphony, but the simplest act of kindness can make an enormous impact.  My life is overflowing with abundant kindness and I am so very grateful.  Love to you all.

What kindness have you been shown and shared today?

We'd love to hear about the good that fills your day: kindness is contagious! 
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