Monday, July 7, 2014

There are few things as miraculous and beautiful as looking up into the night sky and seeing a burst of color dance across the sky: an amazing celebration for every onlooker.  I remember as a child sprawled out on a blanket in the middle of the outfield of the neighboring town's baseball diamond, looking up at the sky and waiting in anticipation for the light show that was going to be painted across the sky.

There is something so special about the moment when the first firework unfolds its glory into the night sky for all to see.  We know we are about to witness an entire fanfare of timeless and awe striking beauty. The sound of each firework being lit, hearing it soar to the sky, and the anticipation that stirs within as we wait to see the magnificent burst of color against the black canvas.   I think we have all whispered to ourselves "that kind is my favorite."

Effortlessly, the miraculous explosions of color dance against the night sky like a choreographed dance before our eyes.  At the beginning, one firework goes up, then another, not impeding on one another's moment.  Then suddenly, there are multiple fireworks awakened at the same moment, creating a mesmerizing and continuous explosion of color in the sky.  A flourish of fireworks continues to build in intensity until suddenly it's over.  All that is left is a sea of smoke and the smell of sulfur.  Once again, the sky is returned to its black canvas: the celebration of endless color has ended.

What makes a celebration so special?  The word alone gives excitement.  We wait in excited anticipation for each celebration in our lives, each event worthy of fireworks.  The day and event finally arrives. We are encompassed in joy, but then the day is over.  The celebration is done.  All that is left of the day are memories and the joys we experienced that will forever live within us.

But why can't every day contain that level of excitement?  Why can't we anxiously and excitedly look to "tomorrow": the day after the celebration?

Each day is a celebration in and of itself. There is always something to celebrate, great and small. This day has been given to you, celebrate it.  Does it require a show stopping fireworks display? No, but each day deserves a celebration all its own.  What am I going to celebrate today? I celebrate the beauty that greeted me as I walked outside this morning. I celebrate the opportunities the day has in store for me. I celebrate that I have the most wonderful people in my life. I celebrate each moment that makes me smile.  I celebrate each breath.  Love to you all.

What are you celebrating today?

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