Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Walk this Way

What if the next step you took added a tomorrow for someone?  How many steps would you take? What if those steps gave someone the chance at another breath of life?

Me, Andy, & Kendra
I am so grateful for the people taking steps to give me a tomorrow.  There are absolutely no words to describe how completely humbled and grateful I am to everyone who fights to give me a tomorrow.  I am left in complete awe of all the love and support from the army of people who are willing to fight for me.  

Great Strides
Some very dear people came to me a few months ago asking if they could raise money and awareness for CF through Great Strides.  I was so completely humbled and overcome with emotion.

Great Strides is a national fundraising event where teams walk to raise money for CF research and drug development in hopes of finding a cure. 

Will you walk with us? 

The first opportunity is in 
St. Peter, Minnesota.
Saturday, May 1O 
1O a.m. @ Minnesota Square Park
Jaci & me

Your second opportunity is in 
Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 
Saturday, May 31
1O a.m. @ Spencer Park

Your generous love and support does not only give me a chance at another breath, but gives hope to someone's family and friends.  CF is hidden beneath the face of someone's best friend, someone's sister, someone's nephew, someone's wife, and someone's grandson: raise awareness, donate, or just come and walk with us!  

Endless Gratitude
There is no way I can ever possibly repay the generosity shown to me from my friends, family, and complete strangers.  Thank you to my dear Andy who asked me if his NHS chapter could start a team and raise money for Great Strides in St. Peter.  I am so humbled by the "silent' work that Andy has done to support not only me through everything, but also the work he has done in sharing his passion for CF with his NHS students and leading their involvement with Great Strides.  

I am also so grateful to my dear friend, Jaci who also came to me asking if she could start a team for Great Strides, but for Sioux Falls.  The hope that I see on Jaci's face and how much she believes in this cause brings me to tears.  Her selfless determination gives me hope.  

I am left with no words to offer that could adequately express my gratitude for each of them and what they are doing for me.  I can only offer tears of humility.  Love to you all. 

How many steps would you take to give someone another tomorrow?

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