Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Winds

South Dakota
I live on the plains of South Dakota. Not like Laura Ingalls Wilder, but in a beautiful big little city where the wind can blow incredibly strong.  It is Springtime on the plains, which means there are days of absolute perfection, and then there are days plagued by extreme winds: complete with blowing tumbleweeds.  This time of year in South Dakota can be just beautiful.

This is my favorite time of the year. I wake up in the morning and see the sun pouring through the windows promising a beautiful day.  I envision stepping outside and feeling the sun warm upon my face: pure bliss. Wait. What's that I hear? It's the sound of the wind hissing through the trees and against the window.  I walk outside to take part in the beauty of the day and am nearly blown away.  I stand my ground as the wind whips through every part of me, trying to lead me to where it demands I go.

Windy Days
Having CF is a lot like living on the plains of South Dakota.  Some days are the most beautiful days one could ever experience in life and some days are like living in a wind storm.   The warm sun hitting my face on gorgeous calm days makes me forget about the unbearable "windy days." Those furious winds also make me appreciate the calm days even more.  The winds of CF are trying to push me off course, trying to push me to the edge, trying to control me.

South Dakota
The inflammation of my airways crucially affects what kind of day I am going to have: blue skies and a light breeze or gale force winds adorned with tumbleweeds? Some days nothing helps calm down my angry airways, and my lungs feel like wet towels trying to be wrung out.  I am always conscious of the air I am breathing in and how my airways and lungs may react.  I am constantly analyzing my environment: "What is the weather doing?" "What front is moving through?" "Is it windy?" "Are the farmers in the fields creating extra dust?" "Is there a candle burning?" "Is someone having a fire?" "What fumes am I inhaling: paint, cleaning solutions, perfumes?" My lungs seem to be more and more sensitive to the air around them the more my CF progresses.  My CF Team is constantly working with me to control the amount of inflammation caused by CF, as amount of infection often coincides with the amount of inflammation.

South Dakota 

Tall and Strong
When I wake up in the morning and peer out my window to the world, the bright sun and blue skies promise a beautiful Spring day.  Not until I get outside do I feel the wind furiously whirl around me.  I do my best to hide those "windy days" from the world, but I know there is still something beautiful in each of them.  CF tries to navigate the course of my life, but I stand firm and will not allow it to push me.  I am stubborn like the Oak Tree that stands firm among the howling winds on the South Dakota plains.  I may bend and sway, but I will not break to the winds of CF.  I will breathe bravely.  Love to you all.

Where is the wind pushing you?

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