Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just Breathe

Trust. It is the foundation for every relationship, every life event, every action, every breath.  Do you whole heartedly trust?  Do you trust the people impacting your life?  Most of all, do you trust yourself?

Think about your day and every moment of trust you must have: it's quite astounding.  You must trust your alarm clock will go off, trust your car will start, and trust the people around you.  It's true, some elements of the day hold more trust than others, but nonetheless they all involve the same need to trust.

I look around at the people who influence my life every day and I am truly grateful.  My days are surrounded by so many wonderful people.  I trust them with my life, both literally and figuratively.

Trust Issues
We all have them to some extent, mine just seem to be primarily with myself.  I do not trust my body and I certainly do not trust CF.  It would be fair to say that CF has robbed me of certainty within myself: it continually asserts its strength, and it terrifies me to think of its destructive ability both physically and mentally.

 Just Breathe
The words, "just breathe," represent trust to its very core definition.  "Just breathing" is the foundation for life; without that trust we have nothing.  I have thoughtlessly trusted that my lungs will breathe in each breath of air and renew my body, never to betray me.  I have taken so many of those thoughtless breaths for granted.  How can I possibly trust them when at moments my lungs begin to protest; making me feel and forcefully experience every crucial life giving breath?  Most days amidst the beautiful chaos of my life, my thoughts are rooted in the act of "just breathing," always trusting that tomorrow will be better.  No matter how labored each breath is that CF makes me fight for, each one is still filled with possibility.  

Trust each breath you take and use it to its fullest potential.  Use it to love, use it to sing, use it to tell someone how grateful you are for them.  I am grateful for each of you.  Love to you all.

Breathe bravely today. 

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