Saturday, May 24, 2014

Adventures Await

It's this time of year when everyone is filled with such excitement for the months ahead: it is the unofficial start to summer.   After a long and brutal winter that kept everyone locked up inside, we are all itching to breathe in the fresh warm air and explore the great outdoors.  The months ahead seem ripe with endless possibilities. Take a moment and think about what excites you most about the summer months ahead? Is it spending a week at the lake?  Going on family vacation? Sitting next to the pool? Or just being able sit next to a bonfire and roast marshmallows?

About a year and half ago when CF made Mark and I face a new reality, we decided to live life very differently.  We live life in the moment and for the moment.  We don't take for granted that tomorrow with be there.  As we have experienced, things can change so quickly with CF that we tightly grasp onto today and do everything possible to make the best of those good days.  There's a lot of living we try and cram into every day because we never know what tomorrow is going to bring.  

Last year for our 5th wedding anniversary Mark surprised me with a 1969 vintage baby camper.  The weekend of our anniversary he had told me to pack a bag with just jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts and that we would be leaving at a certain time on Friday.   We began driving: the endless highway stretching before us and the fields beside us kissed with the summer sun.  About 35 minutes later we arrived at a state park where he pulled up to a baby camper and said, "this is ours!" Our great friends were also there with their baby camper, and the weekend was one I will cherish dearly forever.  

Now, the baby camper needed a lot of TLC, but it was all ours: great adventures awaited us. 

This last week Mark, with the help of a wonderful friend RJ, has been working endlessly to renovate the baby camper and get it ready to take out: new roof, new flooring, new paint, etc.  I am so excited for the first time we take it out this summer.  Why? Because I am living, making new memories, breathing in the world around me.  We are not waiting for life to happen, we are making life happen.  I have a chance at another wonderful summer, to spend it with the amazing people in my life, and to make beautiful memories.  Life is too short not to live in the moment that I have so graciously been given.  What will you do with the gift of today, the gift of another summer, the gift of another breath?  Love to you all.  

Take today and live.  I mean really live.  Buy yourself a baby camper and set out on an adventure.  

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