Saturday, May 10, 2014

What's Right

This blog is dedicated to the health I do have and being so grateful.

CF has infiltrated my body, plaguing the natural function it so desperately longs to enact.  Despite CF leaving parts of my body ravaged, I am still so thankful for the body I do have that works so hard for me.  Why is my life so beautiful?  My eyes can see, my ears can hear, my heart beats for the people I love, and I am still breathing. 

We often get stuck focusing on what is wrong with ourselves, forgetting about all the things that are so right.  I am so thankful right now that my heart is strong, my kidneys and liver are working justly, and the muscles of my body and mind can do anything I set my mind to, even after all being repeatedly assaulted by CF. 

The Heart
Because of the lack of oxygen from complications associated with CF, there is extra stress placed on the heart and its responsibilities.  Medications can also affect the rhythm of the heart, causing an irregular heartbeat.  My blood pressure is monitored closely, and an EKG is done periodically to catch any abnormalities that might be happening.  My heart?  Beating strong and fiercely for life. 

The Liver
The nature of producing excess mucus because of CF extends to the condition of the liver.  Scarring as a result of inflammation and plugged ducts can make it difficult for the liver to function. A great concern is also the effects of some specific medications that are merciless on the liver's function.  LFT [Liver Function Tests] are done monthly to make sure that the Liver is not beginning to betray me.  My Liver?  Still holding its own and taking whatever is thrown at it like a champ. 

The Kidneys
As new treatments are developed for the fight against CF and people are living longer with a better quality life,  other complications not associated with the respiratory system are becoming more prevalent.  People with CF have a high chance of developing CFRD [Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes] and it becomes increasingly common the older one gets.  35% of people with CF ages 2O-29 and 43% of people over 3O years old have CFRD.  CFRD is unique to CF: it has components of both Type I and Type II Diabetes.  A shortage of insulin made is a result from scarring in the pancreas from CF, and/or the body developing insulin resistance.  
Kidneys can also be severely damaged by potent antibiotics used to fight CF.  A blood test is done to make sure the kidneys are working properly.  My kidneys? Free of CFRD [knock on wood] and conquering life.  I just have to remember to drink a lot of water to keep them working at their best. 

CF may cause a lot of things to go awry in my body, but there are so many things that it does right: I take them for granted.  Even if my heart beats a little fast sometimes, it's still beating.  Life is coursing through my veins.  My eyes can see the beauty of the world around me.  I can smell and hear the rain.  Even though it may be a little, my lungs still bathe themselves in glorious air.  I am so thankful for everything that is "right."  Love to you all. 

Focus on what's "right" in your life today. 

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