Saturday, May 31, 2014


How do you show gratitude? Do you send a card? Flowers? Give a gift? A hug?

Today I am struggling. Struggling to find the words and actions to show how truly grateful I am.  How do you adequately thank someone for literally giving you another breath? For giving you the gift of life?  Not just watching from the sidelines, but actually fighting in the game?  

This morning was the Great Strides Walk in Sioux Falls.  It took all I had this morning not to be a complete emotional hot mess.

I still am on the verge of being overcome with emotion. I still feel that lump in my throat and my eyes at a single thought of this

morning start to well with tears.  What amazing people I have in my life, and it all started with a single step several months ago by my dear friends.  I could have never imagined the emotion, the people, the support, and love that has led up to today.  How can I possibly ever thank everyone? How can I show all of you how much you truly mean to me?  I think I will go my entire life searching for the right words and suitable actions to show my gratitude.  Nothing will ever be enough.

The Act of Kindness
Today's walk was truly beautiful. Team Ashley for Sioux Falls raised over $6,OOO. Wow. This leaves me absolutely speechless.  The generosity of people has been overwhelming. All I can offer is thank you and my love to each of you.  Your generosity, love, and, support mean more than you will ever know. The event itself raised over $156,OOO.  That is absolutely amazing.  That could be the cure.  That could be one more beautiful breath. That could be another year with friends and family.  That could mean dreams.  That means hope.

There is so much good happening in this beautiful life. Thank you, from the depths of every brave breath for walking, donating, and showing endless love. All the love I possess to each of you.

How do you show your gratitude?

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