Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Battle

What does hope look like? 
Let me show you:

Hope is your genuine smiles, your compassion, your comments, your love and support.  It's your passion for each breath and living each day to its fullest potential.  It's telling somehow how much you care about them, appreciating them, and it's realizing how beautiful they make your life.  Hope is knowing that each breath is a true gift.

Thank you each for wearing purple!  I am so grateful for the pictures sent, messages shared, emails, FB posts, and text messages.  I was truly brought to tears by each one: you all are so very incredible.

The Delicate Balance of Infection
European Satchel Time
With progressing CF my lungs are always permeated with infection; the real battle is not in eradicating it, but in keeping it from completely taking over.   The bacteria becomes so complex and resistant that each infection becomes more and more difficult to combat.  I always have an infection, it just depends if it's running rampant or being held at bay.

 My lungs culture a type of bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa and a fungus called Aspergillus.  A healthy body's natural defense system and working lungs can keep the bacteria and fungus from making a home and ruthlessly taking over, however, my sticky inflamed lungs are a perfect camp for bacteria and fungus to flourish.  Pseudomonas is an ever changing bacteria that becomes highly resistant to the ammunition being fired its way.   CF research and new drug development is so critical to the future of CF because of the high level of resistance to antibiotics the bacteria develops.  As CF progresses, antibiotics that once annihilated the enemy now seem powerless.  Pseudomonas is treated both with oral antibiotics, IV antibiotics, and inhaled antibiotics.  Aspergillus is treated with oral anti-fungals.  All come with the hoped benefit of minimizing the infection, but they also come with some wicked side effects.  Mentally, physically, and emotionally I can fight: hopeful for an extra breath of life.

How do we fight?  We fight physically, mentally, emotionally, and with hope.  We throw everything we've got against the prevalent infections: fighting them until they are more tired than we, trying everything we can to add a few breaths.  

PICC'd and Ready to Fight
My new PICC is in, my "European Satchel" is again my best friend, and I have an entire army behind me fighting.  Life is a beautiful battle for us all.  Within each battle there still lies hope.  Hope for the future, for dreams, for sweet memories, for blissful breathe easy days.  What is the most amazing part of fighting this beautiful battle? The people who stand next to you through it all.  Love to you all.

What hope lies within your battles?

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  1. This is super cool, Ashley! We all know what happens when I wear my purple shirt... Is there still time? :)