Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Lost & Found

Celebratory photo taken last Fall after a lengthy "misplacing"
We have the capability to lose or forget a lot of things along our given day: keys, the remote, a mitten, where the car is in the parking lot, the grocery list, important pieces of paper, a phone number, or directions to a location.

What have you lost or forgot already this morning?

Special Places
I lose everything, or as I like to say, "I put things in very thoughtful specific places and then forget where that exactly is." This really is the story of my life.  There isn't a day that goes by that I have not misplaced my keys or phone: these are just the minor things I tend to lose or forget.

The most ironic part? I try so hard not to lose things.  It just happens. But then somehow and somewhere they always show up.  I have learned to exercise ample patience for "finding" misplaced items.  Unless, it's 1O a.m. and I was supposed to leave 1O minutes ago to make it to class on time.  In that case, I usually resort to the spare set: if I can find them.  I live dangerously, I know.

It is National Nurses Week.  What does nurses week have to do with losing things you ask?  I would be completely lost without my nurses.  Completely and utterly lost.  I truly do have the best team of nurses, and I am so completely grateful for each one of them.  Their care, love, and support cover so many different parts of my life, I can honestly say that they have made each breath more beautiful: both the easy ones and the distressed.  My gratitude and appreciation for life doesn't stop with them, it just begins.  I am so thankful for my CF team. I mean it really is a team: my doctors, my nurses, my pharmacist, my respiratory therapists, my dietician, my social worker, the list is endless.  I am so overwhelmed when I think about how many people literally fight CF for me and with me.  How can I ever adequately thank you for helping me breath?

I would be completely lost without my CF team: you each have a special place in my heart.  Now, if you could help me find my keys this morning that would be great.  Love to you all.

Happy Nurses Week. Hug a nurse today.

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