Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Beauty in Every Breath - 60 Day Challenge

"Today is the day"... the few simple words that would change my life more than I could have ever imagined. 

A year ago, those 4 simple words began 60 continuous days dedicated to sharing something I had strived so hard to hide for 27 years. It was time to allow people into my life, exposing a world I had always meticulously kept concealed from everyone. It would expose my life with Cystic Fibrosis and all its harsh realities.  Most of all though, those 60 days were dedicated to showing how truly grateful I was for every relationship, opportunity, and beautiful breath I had been given.  That immense gratitude has only grown and made me more aware of just how beautiful my life is, CF and all. 

Today begins a new 60 days. Each entry will be leading up to the Great Strides Walk on Saturday, May 30 in Sioux Falls, SD.  Each post will be a reflection of the beauty that lies within every breath of my life.  

The Challenge
Look around. Take a deep breath. Whether it is a day filled with endless sunshine or one of the more difficult days we've endured, they are all connected by the beauty that lives within every breath that sustains them. There is so much beauty that surrounds each of us, we just have to open our eyes and realize it. 

This 60 days is for you, for me, for seeking out the beauty that fills every breath. I challenge you to join me in intentionally living every day to its fullest.  

For the next 60 days I challenge you to take a moment every day and capture the beauty that fills your life.

Become a part of the challenge. 
1. Capture a beautiful moment every day for 60 days.
2. Each day share your picture with us: 
          Facebook - Ashley Ballou-Bonnema
          Instagram - breathe.bravely
          Twitter - @breathebravely
3. Add the hashtag #breathebravely60 to your post and tag Breathe Bravely in your photo! 

Can you imagine all the beauty that will be shared every day? What will the end of 60 days look like? Each picture will be as unique and as beautiful as you: filled with so much life. 

For You
This blog has always been and still is for all of you who have so greatly impacted my life and selflessly fought for me: for every beautiful breath. Thank you. Love to you all. 

Find the beauty in every breath today.

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