Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 13 - Breathe Bravely Challenge

Finding the beauty in every breath.

The greatest and most meaningful things in life come from selfless acts of genuine kindness, the sharing of one's self, and the relationships that make our life so full. It is true that CF might not set the easiest of paths before me, but that does not make it any less beautiful. In the most difficult of times there is still so much beauty. That beauty is in the form of the incredible experiences and amazing relationships I've been so blessed to know as a result of CF. For that alone my life is so very rich. 

I often wonder how different not only my life would be, but how different I myself might be if I didn't have CF: how I might see the world differently. I fear might have lived an entire life without really living. 

Composer Deanna Wehrspann, myself, and the Augustana String Orchestra
at the debut of her piece "Breath."
I am so very grateful for each one of you, and the special place you have in my life. I wouldn't trade a day of my life with CF if it meant never having the relationships and experiences that have made my life so very full. I am who I am, CF and all. It saddens me to think of all the heartache CF has caused, but I rejoice in the beauty that it has added to my life. And there is every breath. Love to you all. 

What has shaped the path of your beautiful life?

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