Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 16 - Breathe Bravely Challenge

Finding the beauty in every breath.  

There is something about receiving a package that always fills me with pure delight. That special box or envelope taped and sealed, its contents bursting with excitement and just waiting to be discovered. I love getting home from a long day to a weathered box or envelope sitting on my front steps. Its cardboard physique showing the miles it has traveled to arrive to me: each scuff mark containing its own story of the journey and miles it has endured.

Some packages have great monetary value, some have great emotional value, and some are simply priceless. I received a package yesterday that was of all those things. It was a bittersweet package. When arriving home, I happened upon a large 2 ft by 1 ft box on my front steps. Its contents worth that of a new car: $17,000. I could hardly lift it, so I did my best to just pull it into the entry of our house. I was filled with the excitement of receiving a new package, but at the same time there was a pang of heartache, for I knew what was inside. It wasn't the object itself that brought me sadness, but what it represented. In that box? CF. 

While that package may represent a lot of different emotions associated with CF, it also represents life and how truly lucky I am. That package contained a new VEST. My last one had decided it had been worked enough, and went on strike a few days ago. There might have been a tinge of sadness upon opening this package, but there was also so much gratitude. That package means possibility and hope. CF is just part of my life, and packages like this are just part of it. It's still a beautiful package that has given me another day, another breath. This is all just part of my life, and it is immensely beautiful. Love to you all.

What does your package contain? Life?

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