Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 4 - Breathe Bravely Challenge

Finding beauty in every breath.

My boys, Cooper and Kalvin. There are few things I treasure more in my life than the unadulterated genuine love and excitement I am greeted with every time I walk through my front door. They bring such joy to the most difficult of days and fill my life with such happiness. When I see myself reflected in their big brown eyes, there is no CF, there is no worry about the future. There is just now and the beauty in this very moment: pure happiness.  

They've been through everything with me: they see me for me. Because of them my life is filled with such joy and beauty. Love to you all. 

Who fills your life with such pure joy?

Become a part of the Breathe Bravely 60 day challenge. 
Take a moment every day and capture the beauty that fills every breath.

1. Capture a beautiful moment every day for 60 days.
2. Each day share your picture with us: 
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