Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 22 - Breathe Bravely Challenge

Finding the beauty in every breath.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Be still and just breathe. Feel that? You are alive. What a glorious feeling. Some days the beauty around us may live in the shadows of the difficulties we face and the demands of the world in which we are consumed, but at the very core of that same day lives the beauty of just breathing. 

Today, I am reminded how incredibly lucky I am for every breath that passes through my lips and fills me with life. Each day contains its own difficulties for every one of us, but each also contains so much beauty in the mere fact that we are alive and breathing. We devour the air around us without ever really stopping to just see the beauty in and of itself in every breath we take. 
At the close of every day I find myself reflecting on the past year, my journey with CF and how it has impacted every part of my life. A slight panic races through my veins. I think about that feeling of not being able to breathe again, not being able to walk across the room without gasping for air,  and the feeling of an oxygen deprived body. I then begin to think of the future and another wave of panic rushes over me. I force myself to close my eyes and just breathe, focusing on the air moving through every part of my body. I can breathe. That reflection concludes with a renewed gratitude for where I am today and the sheer simplistic beauty that lives within me: each breath a constant reminder of this incredible life I have been given.  I cannot do anything about the past, nor can I write the future as I wish, all I can do is just breathe. Love to you all. 

All we have is this very moment. Take a deep breath and feel the beauty alive within you. 

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