Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 18 - Breathe Bravely Challenge

Finding the beauty in every breath. 

The difficult but beautiful thing about life is that we can never perfectly predict the outcome of our decisions. We can make a decision and hope beyond anything it lays itself out just as we have dreamed, but many times it is not the case.  I have learned that many a times the journey we have in our heads for ourselves is nothing like the reality of the path in which we are on. Much of the time it is better than we could have ever imagined. 

Two years ago I made the decision to attend graduate school for music. I had a head filled with dreams, expectations of myself, and a clear picture of what I thought this next journey would look like. Needless to say it has been nothing like I had imagined. It's been far more difficult and filled with some of the hardest decisions, realities, and moments of my life. But these past two years also hold some of the greatest moments in my life: I have gained more than I could have ever dreamed. 

Last night, I found myself out on the campus green looking up at Old Main, immersed beneath the most beautiful pink and blue sky, and overcome with such gratitude for what it all really meant to me. The incredible education I received will be instilled in me for all my years to come, but what will stand the test of time is what I've gained from knowing such extraordinary people and what I have learned from each of them. I have not only gained an incredible knowledge of what I set out to learn, but I have learned so much more about what is important in life, what grace looks like, and what genuine kindness means. As this next chapter of my life comes to a close, I find myself overcome with emotion and the immense gratitude I have for each professor, colleague, fellow student, and friend that I have come to know and love. I made the decision to begin this journey with a clear idea of how I wanted it to look and play out. The reality of the past two years bears no resemblance to that original dream: it is far greater and more meaningful than I could have ever expected. Love to you all. 

Our true journey is far better than anything we can dream.

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