Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 11 - Breathe Bravely Challenge

Finding the beauty in every breath.

It would be fair to say that every ounce of my being is filled with gratitude for the incredible life I am living. Much of my days when not commuting to grad school for class and teaching are spent in the area coffee shops with my earbuds, an iced latté with an extra shot, and laptop to keep me company. I spend most of my time responding to emails/ messages, planning for future projects, attending meetings/appointments, and doing homework. While I know it's always a risk when I leave my house and knowingly enter a world filled with harmful germs, it's something that fills me with so much life. I may silently hide behind my computer screen and earbuds, but I am constantly being fed and renewed by all the life and energy swirling about me: by the smiles, laughter, dialogue, and mere presence of those living around me. In my mind, their lives hold the greatest and most beautiful of stories. 

I often wonder if they know how truly lucky they are: if they realize the beauty that surrounds each of them. There is beauty in each of their journeys and the life that is unfolding before them. Little do each of those complete strangers know that they add so much beauty to my own life just by being silently present. Little do they know, their presence is a part of my own beautiful story.  

Today the beauty lies within the simple joy of being able to go to the coffee shop, be immersed in busyness, sit amidst the bustling world, and drink in every ounce of life that surrounds me. I am most grateful for what may seem like the most simple of things because merely a few months ago I thought I may never experience such simplistic joys again. But I am, and for that I am truly grateful. Love to you all. 

Go have some coffee, put your earbuds in, and drink in the world. 

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