Sunday, May 17, 2015

Building A Bridge

[Blog post written by Mark Bonnema]

Bridges connect two points. Where an impasse exists, build a bridge and the impassable becomes passable. Build a bridge and build a connection to new possibilities.

Ashley and I got to cross the Golden Gate and San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridges this weekend during our trip to Napa Valley, CA. Both bridges are incredible feats of engineering, also doubling as beautiful works of art. The Golden Gate Bridge is almost 9,000 feet long. It crosses the Golden Gate Straight, connecting San Francisco with the California coast and highway system to the north. The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge connects San Francisco and its neighboring city of Oakland to the east at a length of 23,500 feet.

Uncertainty & Adventure
Crossing these bridges was truly memorable for us. But what was even more memorable was bridging the gap between what once seemed impossible in our life and what was now possible once again. Six months ago, travel was not an option. Ashley did not have the energy, stamina, or stability of lung function to allow us to fly to, and explore new places. Travel seemed always out of reach. We were uncertain how long it would be, if ever, that we would be able to breathe in the air of a new place and adventure.

Many things have gone into helping us build the bridge to possibility that now exists in our lives again. Every day we receive encouragement and prayers of countless friends and family. Those same friends and family work diligently at helping raise funds and coordinate events that benefit CF research. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation continues with ground breaking research into the next wave of drugs that hold promise to correct the defects caused by CF. Also, at least weekly, and often much more frequently, we hear from Ashley’s medical team, checking in with how she is feeling and verifying that her current treatments are helping her get back to health. And, of course, Ashley’s unwavering positivity and determination have all served as cables of a truly incredible “bridge.” A “bridge” that has helped Ashley and I to span the gap between dreaming and reality: realizing all the great possibilities in life.

Reality for Today
Our weekend was a dream turned to reality. It felt so right to be out traveling again. Thank you to each and every one of you who contributed to the months of work it took to make this a possibility again, and for the special people who made this very weekend happen.

Never underestimate the power of your hope and your actions, no matter how large or small. What may seem like a small act today may become part of the bridge that leads to a new possibility for someone tomorrow.  Build on!

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