Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 55 - Breathe Bravely Challenge.

 Finding the beauty in every breath.

I awoke today immensely overwhelmed with emotion: washed in the wonderment and amazement that I so graciously get to call my life. I am left silently humbled thinking about today: a day dedicated to those who are no longer with us in body, but in memory alone. I think about each person desperately wishing the one they love and miss was standing right next to them, breathing the beauty of life into new memories and moments. Tears fill my eyes with the thoughts of sadness that fill those hearts. 

I think about the people with CF we have lost this year. I think of their families. I think of their friends. I think of the people that will never experience their beauty. I think of that vacant space that is left because of their absence. I think of their unique spirit and life: a force that is irreplaceable in the hearts of all they touched: a legacy that will transcend time and live long after they have physically gone. 

Then I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for my own life: a deep humbled, "thank you" that escapes through silent tears resounding from my eyes. I think about how different today could have been. When I bound up the stairs this morning, skipping a step in between, I was frozen by the catch in my breath when I arrived at the top. Again, a silent "thank you" slipped through my lips, living on the very air I was given to live today. I think about how CF threatened to create my own vacant spot at the table and in the hearts of those I love. I think about how those days will come again, and what legacy I will leave. Will I have done enough good? What will be my own legacy? Will the memories I fill with those I love be enough to transcend the test of time? When this body is no longer present, will my love for life continue to live on through those I've encountered? But by the grace of God and every person who has fought with me, I am here. That is most incredible, and I am most thankful for every beautiful breath.

Today we remember those we have lost: their legacies resurrected in the memories we share, the impact they made on our lives, and the beauty of their unique journeys. Love to you all. 

Fight CF 

- Walk for the lives we have lost to CF and fight to save the beautiful lives still impacted by CF:  Team Ashley - Great Strides

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