Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 40 - Breathe Bravely Challenge

Finding the beauty in every breath.

The most beautiful bouquets are not made up of a single flower, but a variety of beautiful blooms each unique to itself, never competing for attention, but complementing and enhancing each's original beauty.

There is one day a year set aside to celebrate the title of being a mother. It's days like today there is a deep ache in my heart and a deep truth that lingers beneath my subconscious mind. As I stopped for coffee this morning, I was handed a flower and wished a "happy mother's day." If they only knew: there are no children that call me mom. Most days I am contented with the beautiful life I have been given, but there are a few moments like today when the realities of CF sting with an extra bit of heartache. As I pull away with with my coffee in hand, I suppress the raw emotions that lie beneath the surface of my smile and quiet the despondent cries that threaten to reveal themselves. 

I walked through the doors of our house and was greeted with the smell and sight of the flowers I received a few nights ago at my recital. I added the red carnation from the coffee shop to the overflowing vase of flowers and was reminded again of the beauty that fills my life. As I stared at that vase of flowers I found myself thinking of every "mother" that filled my life; every special woman that has molded me into who I am, who has supported me, believed in me, and is still such a radiant brilliance in my life. Just like each individual flower holds its own incredible beauty, each relationship that is a part of my life holds the same brilliance and unique splendor. But when I see an entire vase filled with such beauty, I think of every "mother" that has had such an impact on my life and continues to do so. I am reminded that today is not only for those women who have earned the title of "mom," but for all those women that embody what it means to be a "mother" and selflessly add a piece of themselves to so many lives that aren't necessarily their "children." I find that deep ache within suddenly dampened, and a silent prayer stirs in my heart that I may affect such a single life the way so many lives have impacted mine.  

That flower today was just a reminder of how a single flower holds its own beauty, but it takes a variety and multitude of so many unique and beautiful flowers to make a brilliant bouquet. Love today to my mom and all the other "mothers" in my life. 

Take a moment and reflect on all the "mothers" in your life. 

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