Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 46 - Breathe Bravely Challenge

Finding the beauty in every breath.

In the depths of darkness each heart is filled with the hope of dawn's radiant light. We each wait in anticipation for signs of morning's first reassuring rays: having faith that each glorious beam of light will melt away the worries of night. 

For days there has been endless dialogue and search for the perfect way in which to see a Napa Valley sunrise: one of the very things on my "bucket list." Part of me couldn't believe that I might actually witness such a moment: it is something I thought might just live in the beauty of my mind till the end of my days. Not only did I get to witness the magnificence of a Napa Valley sunrise, I got to share it with some of the most meaningful people in my life. 

Last night, when we went to sleep there still wasn't a clear plan as to how this feat was exactly going to be executed. We all merely had blind faith that somehow it would just "happen." At 5:45 a.m. this morning, we walked out into the quietness of the world looking for the sunrise. As we walked into the stillness of the world, we realized we were surrounded by a thick encompassing fog. We could hardly see the tops of the rolling hills, let alone any beams of light piercing through the blanket of haze. But one unexpected road led to another, which led to another: each privy to its own special glimpse of the sunrise. Each new spot created a different and equally beautiful glimpse of the dawn. It was nothing any of us could have ever expected or imagined. It was far more glorious and memorable: each of us knowing that beneath that thick fog there still be the promise of a brand new glorious day. 

Was the sunrise what I had imagined it to be like in my mind? No, it was far more glorious and memorable than I could have ever laid out for any of us. For a brief moment it seemed as if my life was standing completely still. For a moment life was completely mine to have. There was no CF, there was no thoughts of the future, no thoughts of past pains, there was just that very moment and the beautiful breath that filled me with life.  I truly believe it will not only be a single moment, but several glorious moments from this morning's sunrise that we all remember. I think the appropriateness and symbolism of this morning's fog was all too relatable to the course of events these past months in all our lives. That even beneath the thickest of morning fog, there will always lie the brightest and most beautiful rays of sun: giving hope to a new day. Love to you all. 

Don't be discouraged by the fog, the day is still breaking beneath its heavy haze. 

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