Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 43 - Breathe Bravely Challenge

Finding the beauty in every breath. 

Last day of grad school. 
My heart was a bit heavy as I watched the beautiful USD disappear in my rear view mirror as I drove my last official commute home from graduate school today. As cliché as it sounds, it feels just like yesterday that I began this journey. I merely feel as if I blinked and the years passed by. But in that course of quickly moving time I have made some of the most meaningful relationships, and lived through some of the most defining moments of my life. These past two years have changed me, they've helped mold me to the very person I am today. Maybe that's why I still find myself trying to restrain the tears that threaten to overwhelm me when thinking about this entire journey. 

Yes, the tears I shed as I drive away will dry and any trace of their existence will evaporate, but the respect, love, and gratitude I have for each person who has come into my life these past two years will forever be reflected in who I am. After all, I would dare to say that they each were part of saving my life from the mental and physical destruction and devastation of CF. For that alone, I will always be most grateful: giving me each beautiful breath that is my life. As I drove away and tears streamed down my face, an old rooted promise resounded in my heart, "with every breath I will sing." And I will. Love to you all. 

With every breath you are given, promise me you'll sing. 

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